EduWings Bases

EduWings Oudtshoorn Base

The flight training personnel at the Oudtshoorn base comprises of fourteen fully qualified Flight Instructors under the leadership of a CFI and a deputy CFI and three Mentor Instructors.

Two senior ground school lecturers are based in Oudtshoorn on a full time basis, as well as part-time lecturers from time to time.

The Head of Standards is situated in Oudtshoorn and oversees the training standards and quality assurance of all three bases.

EduWings George Base

“AIFA’s flight training personnel at George base comprises of a Base Chief Flight Instructor (CFI), two Flight Commanders who act as mentors to junior instructors, six Flight Instructors as well as a Base Ground Instructor. An Operations Manager coordinates all ground and flight training requirements and ensures the smooth execution of the training programs. 

George base also host the High Performance Flight training department with their own dedicated team comprising of a High Performance CFI and High Performance Instructors, both full time and part time. 

The base is managed by a Base Commander who coordinates the various support functions necessary to ensure effective flight training. A Flight Safety Officer oversees aviation safety related matters and Occupational Health and Safety is handled by the OHS Officer at base level.”

EduWings Beaufort West Base

Situated in the heart of the Great Karoo, next to the N1 highway lies AIFA’s Beaufort West base.

 AIFA operations commenced in 2015 at the Beaufort West airfield (it’s third base) and has since developed the airfield into a fully functional, self-sustaining aerodrome. Amongst the improvements are:

  • Fully tarred runway with runway and taxiway lighting
  • APAPI approach lighting system
  • A fully operational Air Traffic Control tower with associated facilities all fully approved by the SACAA
  • A fuel facility providing both AVGAS and JET A1 fuel
  • A newly erected aircraft hangar boasting lecture facilities, aircraft hangarage, offices and aircraft training simulators

 The airport now boasts a 1483m x 30m runway (08/26) and is located at GPS co-ordinates S032º18`00 E022º40`00 at an elevation of 2929ft AMSL. Two alternative gravel runways are maintained.

 Aircraft used by AIFA at FABW include C172’s, PA44’s and BE9L’s.

 FABW airfield is earmarked to be the flagship base of AIFA and will house and train the majority of AIFA’s students per year.